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To Accelerated Hypnosis and Ken Hatcher

I was having some heart issues a few years ago and my heart doctor scared me telling me I needed to do something about getting rid of some of my weight. I needed to lose at least 80-90 lbs. I also have knee and back issues which I am sure that my weight does not help with. I have tried everything you can imagine to lose weight, and of course it always comes back.

This last spring I was getting my hair cut and noticed a brochure that talked about weight loss. This of course got my curiosity up. I grabbed a brochure and was very cautious in thinking, would this really work for me. I waited almost 4 months until I gave Accelerated Hypnosis a call. They got me right in and after my consult visit, I signed up for the six week session. I went in with an open mind and I was pleasantly surprised how Ken makes everything very relaxed. To date, I have lost 20 pounds. The program has changed the way I eat and what I want to eat and when. I do not feel that I have been deprived of anything, mainly because my mind set has changed, that I just do not need it anymore. I am so grateful for the program and I will continue to work to keep losing the pounds. I know my heart doctor will be happy with me when I see him in the summer.

Thank you Ken and Tara for such a wonderful program,

Diane S.

I have struggled with weight issues for over 50 years. Every diet and weight loss program was tried. I could open a bookstore with all of the weight-loss books I have purchased.
Every program tried was successful to varying degrees temporarily, but wait was always regained-usually plus some.
Since coming to accelerated hypnosis I have had in mind shift. I am experiencing weight loss, improved health and well-being. Results are not temporary! I am making gradual positive changes that are becoming habits. Thank you Ken!!!

Marla W.

When I first started hypnosis I was eating fast food everyday, often times twice a day. Soda was my drink of choice. Within a week of my first session I was done with soda replacing it with water or tea, and quit fast food. I am making meals at home and they are mainly veggies with a small meat serving. After my second session I started being more active, my husband and I got our bikes out of the shed ( they needed a little work ) and now we ride a few times a week. I still have a long way to go but I am making changes I can live with and it really hasn't been too bad. Life is good : )

Carly G.

Feeling less discomfort in my stomach area have had to go in two notches on my belt since starting this program. Also no more snoring. I do not hang out at the buffet table all the time like before. I am able to stop eating before feeling stuffed, also no longer filling my plate beyond what I need to eat! Happy to be saving $220.00 a month at least on food and no longer ordering drinks at dinner out. Also less groceries bought. Only order food I want to eat and I eat less food because of what I order. Feeling Great

Carol H.

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Weight Loss Program:
I have worked with Ken 6 weeks now and am convinced this program can work for me the rest of my life. I have lost 1 pound and 4 1/2 inches, (after 6 months of gaining approximately 2 pounds per week). His methods are easy, clear and pleasantly hypnotic. I no longer feel hungry every waking hour. I no longer feel like a personal failure despite many other successes in my life. I am no longer frustrated with weight loss programs that have no long lasting effect. I am less stressed, more active & motivated to continue my journey to a thinner me. I am cognizant of a thinner life style & now have means to realize a slimmer more active me.
Thank you Ken Hatcher for a newfound strength.

B. Williamson

Nearing my 70th birthday and feeling 95, I walked into the lobby of Accelerated Hypnosis. After 7 years of neglecting myself, colon cancer surgery, and additional repair surgery I was 240 pounds of mush. The mindset I had was that within 2 years, I would be passed from this life...->>> But that could not be. My husband, who is a heart patient and has Alzheimer's, depends on me for his care. If I am to be strong enough for this mission, something had to be done! Enter Ken and Tara Hatcher. Their weightloss program was put into action. Results?
Yes, to the following: Pounds lost so far-30lbs. Blood pressure- dystolic rate went from the high 80's to low 60's. Cholesterol went from 189 to 144. Increase in bone mass-1/2 point. Regained muscle mass and still working on it. The core muscles support the spine so well that 1/2 inch in- height has been recovered after the loss of a full inch. My knees were so weak, I could not walk a block outdoors without having them buckle sending me to the ground if I didn't have my walking stick. I could only wear flat shoes for the sake of safety.-Now I do better than 2 miles on the treadmill with strength. Last week I started wearing high heels again. My energy level and mental capacity have grown so that I feel like my old self. During my yearly cancer follow-up, Dr. Patel explained how amazed he is. There is not one lick of inflammation in my body. This is startling since I have dealt with osteo arthritis for 10 years. This information was gathered after NOT taking anti-inflammatory drugs for 7 weeks. My metabolic rate is now that of someone 25 years younger. All of this was accomplished so EASILY using this program made it progressively easier to make good choices and perform good habits. It was impressed upon me that paying special attention to myself was not selfish, but essential to the continuing welfare of my family. Thank you, Accelerated Hypnosis for restoring my life to one of purpose and Joy in the Sight of God!

Karen VanderZanden

I came in a mess of protoplasm for a body after seven years of neglecting the care of myself. I sported 70 extra pounds of flab with minimal muscle. Now muscle is developing, that I thought was lost tissue (as I near my 70th birthday). My physical abilities far exceed my expectations.

P.S. I gave up soda pop, too!

Karen V.

I'm not craving food like I have always done before.
I've started new eating habits. I've become more secure; to do things I would not have done before.

I'm exercising and not hurting. My husband is benefiting also. I have the feeling of feeling better.

Jackie E.

Reaching deep within...to reveal, to love, to forgive, to heal. Not what I expected when I signed up for a weight loss program. I've completed the regular sessions but no substantial loss (as I've discovered) can be influenced by who and what comprises you! I came to this program feeling that my body was in lock down and I believe the sessions are helping to release the inhibitors. THEN I will expect to see the weight subside. It's not just a matter of mind over matter as most people presume: it's allowing your body (the whole you) to know it is ok to trust and release. My weight will start to drop (soon I hope) as I heal from the inside out.

Linda B.

In the past six weeks I have become more in control of my appetite, more confident in my decisions, less stressed about having to make choices. I no longer condemn myself for decisions I made. As I let go of the past, today feels brighter. Eating to feel better is habitual. Ken and Accelerated Hypnosis have helped put me in control of my life and see that situations don't control me.

B. Booth

I started coming and seeing Ken a few months ago because I felt my weight getting out of control. Since then with Ken's help the inches and the weight have begun to go, not fast mind you but at a pace where you know it will not come back. Another thing I like about coming and seeing Ken is that he not only has helped me with my weight but with who I am inside I feel I am at peace with myself now and I handle things in life a lot different. So God bless Ken and thank you!

Lori D.

I decided to try Accelerated Hypnosis because I was tired of failed attempts to lose weight by dieting. Since starting the program I must say I am pleased and surprised. Pleased that I am dropping weight and losing inches without dieting, listening to the CD's has helped me to have better self control in regards to my eating habits. They have also helped me to be motivated to work out, surprised because the program has greatly improved my self esteem and attitude toward life. Now I feel confident that I can and will reach my weight loss goals. When I wake up in the morning I have an overall sense of well being and happiness. Therefore my attitude toward other is much better. I am so happy I decided to try Accelerated Hypnosis. It is something I feel will stay with me and help me throughout my life.

J. Rutherford

I came to Ken for weight loss in desperation. Even if I don't lose any weight, the sense of calm, peace & self acceptance I have gained was much more than I could have hoped for.I have learned how to look at myself, my reactions to life stressors, my relationships with family and food in a whole and very uplifting way.I was very nervous about the idea of giving over my" control" to another person who might "re-program" me but that's not what happens. In fact, I have been given this wonderful gift by Ken of gaining "control" of my thoughts, outlooks and actions and actually "reprogramming" myself now. I strongly encourage anyone with "Issues" to see Ken and cannot possibly thank him enough....maybe he will get a quilt from me someday.

Heidi T.

WARNING! ! Hypnosis will change your life!
When I started with Ken I was desperate to feel well, having many bouts with pancreatitis from not eating right. I knew things had to change. This has been the easiest whole life change ever. I no longer desire to have those things that cause me illness. I love listening to my body to know what to eat and the weight comes off easy! Go for it, don't doubt, just go for it!

Julie H.

When I first came here I was desperate and out of control. I knew in my heart what I should do but didn't want to because I needed my comfort zone. That meant candy and coffee all day long....and then throw in a big meal at the end of the day and eating it within a few minutes. Now after starting this program I'm finding it is so much easier to do what I know I should be doing. My stress level has dropped because it's not a part of my core, the things that sincerely matter to me (such as home & family). So I don't take on other peoples stresses and just deal with my own. I listen to my body more now and how it feels after a meal. Coffee, candy and breaks don't make me feel good now, in fact it drags me down. Three maybe four bites of a steak, is all I need. Give me a nice salad, some fish and I'm perfectly content now. Much more satisfying now and I'm not compelled to take a nap after every meal.

Y. Jones

In May of 2009 I made an appointment at Accelerated Hypnosis regarding my difficulties losing weight. I have a very long history of dieting and losing weight, then putting the weight back on. I was a classic case of yo-yo weight fluctuation, always struggling to be thin. I attended OA (Overeaters Anonymous) for 3 years, but only had temporary success. The Most spectacular thing Ken did for me was to "remove the compulsion to over eat"!
It is now one year later and I have lost 47 pounds. The weight came off slowly but I have complete confidence that it will never return. I have no idea HOW he did it but I really don't care. I am healthier and more fit now than I have been in 20 years. The oddest thing about this is that is spite of the fact that I paid over a thousand dollars, I still feel like he has given me a gift! I used to hate how it never seemed like enough when it came to ingesting food. Now I can enjoy eating without all the guilt and self-loathing. I do not diet. Exercise is part of my daily life. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. How cool is that?

D. Nixon

This has been nothing short of an amazing liberation from guilt and emotional bondage to food and has allowed me the freedom to stop the self-defeating habits that have stopped me from progressing. Thank you for allowing me to rid myself of more than just physical pounds.

Cristina H.

So, I wake up one morning, step on the scale and instantly, I'm depressed. I saw Ken's advertisement that day and decided to call. This was the best move I have made in a long time. I tried all the diets and would have some success but who can live on a diet forever? No one, including me. The weight always came back with a couple of bonus pounds! The process Ken uses is easy, pain-free and it works. After four weeks I am already seeing results and I am not on a diet. I feel good about myself mentally and physically and am motivated to keep this lifestyle - walking and eating healthy food and even some that's not so healthy but I still see results. That's the bottom line for me.
Thanks Ken!
Oh, did I mention? I stopped smoking in a week!

Peggy M.

Although when I first started this process I did not have high expectations for its success, I have come to realize that dieting does not work. For me, losing weight is a matter of choosing life over an early death. That's why the gifts that I have received here, of coming to an understanding of why I do what I do, are so important to me.

Michael F.

I eat what I want when I want but always crave fruit, salads and make very healthy choices. The best part of it is...this is what I want.I want water constantly; drink at least 6-8 glasses a day. Clothes are begining to feel loose. I feel fantastic! I feel happy inside and feel wonderful about continuing with this the rest for my life.

Alma B.

I have tried many diet plans with no success. I was desperate to lose the pounds and fat around my middle. Ken has guided me with his hypnosis techniques to make better choices in foods, how water is to drink instead of other options, no soda pop for me.

I had a terrible craving for sweets, now I see them but don't want them. Now I enjoy my healthy meals and take time to eating it. Enjoy water with a lemon slice. No chocolate cravings. I have desserts just not the fattening sugary ones.I have lots of energy and inches around my waist are coming off. I feel really good about myself and my appearance.

I would highly recommend this program, Ken make it so easy.

Betty G.

I want to express my sincere joy & thankfulness for this program with Ken.I have been in bondage in my own body for 28 years, facing morbid obesity & no hope for my future. I scheduled with Ken out of desperation.

After my first session I noticed a drastic change on my outlook towards food & my outlook toward my inner self. I am no longer afraid of eating & when I do I choose healthy meals & only eat until I am satisfied.

I highly recommend this program & thank God for my answer to long lengthy prayers.

Paula R.

This is my fourth complete week of hypnosis. I'm getting very excited seeing the progress I'm making. I'm starting to realize that I'm responsible for my weight issues and the decisions I make regarding my weight. As an example, I always drink water before eating, I'm using portion control more and finding that fruits and vegetables are much more satisfying than "sugary" foods. Exercise has also become a "welcomed" activity on a daily basis. If I'm not able to go outside and walk, I do weights or "body board" inside. I no longer make excuses when it comes to exercise!

Gloria M.C.

I have benefited greatly from Ken's program. I went from a place of feeling a victim and being a victim of my feelings. I truly feel empowered now. I am in charge of my life for the first time. I have been given tools that help me move through emotions that seemed so big that I couldn't see my way past them. I am making better choices in my eating. I don't beat myself up over what I eat any more. I'm exercising regularly and I know I'll continue this time. I feel excited about my life, my success and see myself being more and more successful in all my endeavors. I love life and accept myself for the first time ever. My experience with Ken has truly been a blessing.

Kallie H.

I have learned how to change my thinking about losing weight. I am experiencing a slow but steady loss and am making better choices about my eating rather than mindlessly eating. The best part is a calm relaxed attitude toward life and feeling a sense of accomplishment. Every day is another step closer to my goal.

A. Frisco

I am feeling so much better & eating sensibly. My cravings have diminished mostly and I don't even miss ice cream! I'm not sure how but over the last few weeks things have gradually turned around. And my stress level has really lowered. Thank you, Ken.

Happy Client

I am no longer constantly thinking of food all the time. I look for physical things to do - pull weeds, go for a bike ride after having gone to the gym. Feel better physically, mentally and my attitude is increasingly positive. Life is good!! Oh and I've lost 15 lbs and my clothes are starting to fall off - Hurray!

Sharon G.

From the time I started meeting with Ken, my life has changed for the better. I am in control of bad eating behaviors & I am able to want to exercise and enjoy it. I am sleeping without drugs or booze. I feel better about things that were holding me back in the past. I also learned to let go of the pain. Ken was the best thing I ever did for helping myself.

Cynthia L.

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