Our Testimonials

We are what we think we are. We do what we think we can do. Over time, we hypnotize ourselves into a mode of thinking, feeling and doing that which we believe is appropriate and possible, of being who we taught ourselves to be. Mostly, this is a kind of false person, conned into negative thoughts and destructive behaviors that limit us. "I can't" and "It won't work" and "Yeah but."We are stifled, stopped, angry and hurt and frustrated and feeling out of control.The method of hypnosis I've experienced with Ken Hatcher has given me the security in the right-thinking and self-aware control that I have / the self-control to change what I think, feel and do. A creative set of beliefs has replaced a destructive set. I function more clearly, more purposefully, with a marked reduction in stress, worry and negativity. It's a cool process. It is not painless but change and growth come from facing and overcoming difficulty and with hypnosis, the results are often startling. If you are open to the possibilities, hypnosis is a powerful instrument of change.

C.R. 7-28-08


The self knowledge I have gained was well worth the time and cost of the sessions. I have blown though forty plus years of doubt, guilt and negativity in just a few weeks! Life has never been better!

Camille J.

When I first came to Accelerated Hypnosis, I was extremely overwhelmed with the things that were happening in my life: my job, my marriage, my family. It all seemed like too much to deal with. Now I feel more in control of my life. I feel like my old self again, younger, more sure of myself. I am slowly making changes in my life that will help me to succeed. I am letting go of things & habits that no longer help me. I am pleased with the progress that I have made so far.

Kathy L.

When I first came, I was full of emotions and did not know what to expect. 3 weeks later...I am happy, feeling good and know that this is a wonderful choice I have made with my life.

Lori D.

When I came to Accelerated Hypnosis I was concerned about an incident of stage fright, where I was unable to perform as I normally did. I know that I had to get over the episode and get my head straight in order to continue doing what I loved so much. The episode was in December and I had to wait until March to be on stage again. (This time my performance was just as I wanted it to be) My stage fright has vanished and everything is back to normal now.

I am a tap dancer. There was an episode when I had a major case of nervousness and stage fright when I had to perform in front of a large group of personal friends. I screwed up and had what I decided at the time a major emotional disaster, for me anyway. The next performance a similar thing happened. I knew I had to do something to get rid of this stage fright because dancing is one of the things I enjoy the most in life. I decided to seek hypnosis as the solution. At this point my stage fright is under control, I am back to performing perfectly just as I used to. I am back on track, having fun.

Dolly A.


My son is 6 years old and poops in a diaper because he says it hurts to sit on the toilet and go. In one session since then he has gone in the toilet with no problems. I feel like a huge boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. I've been to many doctors to see if it was a physical problem & many specialists said it was all in his head. He has been happier since he now knows it doesn't hurt to poop.


Ken's methods may seem unorthodox even a bit outrageous in the beginning but the outcome proves it works! He reminds us to keep a sense of play and humor (something I used to have a lot of!) because kids tend to tune us (parents) out. He shows us methods of getting their full attention without them realizing what we're doing. He teaches us the goal to parenting is for us to produce kids that become the responsible adults they need to be.

P. Cleveland

Working with Ken has made parenting easy and fun. I used to want to be my child's friend, which is not the proper way to be a parent. Kids need consistency, discipline and boundaries. I don't feel guilty telling my daughter "No" plus it's fun to playfully tease her, it keeps her off balance and she doesn't know what's coming next. She has been more respectful without even being asked

Kevin C.