Level 1: Use your mind

Practical reasons for each Membership system.

Why do people choose this one?
In short, they just want to make a quick change and get on with life. They will use hypnosis to clean up a few things, kind of like the way most people use a mechanic. Just help me with these few things to keep me running right!
This level is most used by folks that want to use Programming and Hypnosis to make a change. They know that strategic Use of their Mind can help. They are busy with other endeavors so a thorough Training with their mind is not as practical.
You could buy the program that best suits your needs; however, the savings is too good to pass up and it might be fun to volunteer to help new Programmers and Hypnotist gain much needed experience.

Level 2: Train Your Mind

In short, you are working on a short series of habit changes such as weight loss or relationship adjustments, so it makes practical sense to commit to learning how to change habits at will.
Learning a few 'tricks' is a great idea, but you know you will be best served to learn mind skills for different contexts and learn enough to be able to change most habits at will on your own and help those around you.
This is such a fantastic resource for parents that are active with the development of their kids.
This endeavor can get spendy, so we worked out a system to get the training you need at a reasonable rate by using the package system in tandem with 'Open Bay' (times that needs to be filled) as well as working with the Intern Hypnotists and Programmers.
Many people LOVE the discounts available with this one including taking group training in Programming with likeminded enthusiasts.

It's Your Mind, Train it!

Level 3: Own Your mind

This is for the people that absolutely recognize the value of changing habits at will, the insane cost of being stuck in unwanted habits and patterns and want to wade in.
You often have time slots to fill and making changes with Programming and Hypnosis is the best way to spend your time.
Training intensives with likeminded enthusiasts are dirt cheap and with the proper amount of training, you can become an intern with nearly unlimited people to practice your hard-earned skills.

It's Your Mind, Own it!

It's Your Mind, Use it!
Free practicum hours when available
One on the most loved part of Membership is Free practicum hours when available. We at Accelerated Hypnosis host trainings for students from around the country who have graduated their NLP and Hypnosis course and need 'Real World Practice'. What makes this possible is..... YOU! Someone has to be the practice partner for the new graduate. You will get the most sincere and well intentioned person... You would not believe how intensely these interns focus on you and how thankful that they are that you are willing to be their practice partner.
Of course, there will be some screening to make sure that what you are working on is in alignment with the training and skill the intern has. Also, the timing will have to work out since interns being available is a bit hit and miss.
If there is a match, FREE Hypnosis and/or Programmer for YOU!

Maintenance Consultations
These are super. Being able to visit to share your successes and address your progress has a decompression effect. The feedback from the hypnotist will often serve as a $300.00 session! Plus, it feels really good to have a partner in your journey that you can check in with as a perk of Membership.
Many people do this maintenance consultation about every 90 days just to stay on track and pay the standard fee. You will receive this as part of your Membership.

Group Class Discounts
Several times a year we host a specialized training or group class.
More people every year are wanting to learn NLP and Hypnosis and The Silva Method.
Like all worthwhile events, there is a cost of doing business. This cost to you is reduced by Membership, much do to the value you bring as a Volunteer for our Interns.
The savings for these events are worth the Membership alone PLUS all of the other benefits. If you are thinking about learning these skills, check with Tara to adjust your Membership accordingly.

Pricing Advantages Packages
Until the creation of this Membership system, people have been content to pay the fair market value for the Training Packages offered.
When you are a participating Member, you can save the corelating percentage based on your Membership choice. What a great way to beat inflation!

Discounted rates to
Open Schedule Calendar

Because Ken's time is stretched by the demand of students nationally who seek his expertise in this field, scheduling can be tricky. This uncovers a unique opportunity for YOU, the Member.
Sometimes Ken has to turn away work or a cancelation opens up a spot too late to fill. Do you like a great deal?
If you were going to use our services, anyway, keep your eyes open for 'Open Bay Discounts!'
About 2 times per week, slots in our schedule will be emailed to you as a Member. This is a really neat way to get the same great Programming and intense discounts.
These are limited because our schedule in usually pretty tight. Keep a sharp eye and get them while they are available.

Stress Relief Training or Feel-good Session
Sometimes it is SO refreshing to decompress and defragment your mind with a Stress Relief Session or a Feel-Good Session.
People call from time to time just to Feel Good for a while. We put some of these into your Membership just to thank you for being part of the Great Work we are trying to accomplish.
Thank You!

Friends/Family Referral and Recruitment
We all like to be the bearer of Great News! Sharing with our friends and family services we love and think they will love as well is what good people do. Several time a year we dream up fun ways to make being the bearer of good news even more rewarding.
Keep an eye open for this fun game! Offered to Members Only.

Discounts on Specialized NLP
and Hypnosis Training

These discounts are in alignment with the Group Training Discounts.
Not all Specialized Training is available for all people.
If you LOVE NLP and would like to learn more, Call for a consultation.

It's Your Mind, Own it!

Legal and Disclaimers
This is NOT insurance, but a membership payment plan provided by Accelerated hypnosis and is not accepted by other hypnosis offices. Payment for any sessions or packages purchased are due when scheduled. Membership dues must be current in order to receive plan benefits. A lapse of more than 28 days in dues will require a reactivation fee of six months dues. This membership may not be combined with other discounts. It is solely the client's responsibility to schedule and keep their appointments. No refunds will be provided for dues paid under any circumstances, including failure to schedule and maintain appointments. Terms of service including monthly dues and fees for our services may change at any time. Accelerated Hypnosis reserves the right to refuse specific services based on their judgment, discontinue the plan or sever the relationship at any time. Benefits do not begin until the business day following the purchase of this membership plan. If a client misses one of their included appointments without 48 hours' notice it will still count as having used their appointment. Less than a 48-hour cancellation notice does not allow the office to fill the schedule so the clients reserved time with the hypnotist has been used if the cancellation is with any less than 48-hour notice and the appointment will be at the discounted rate. Payment management services will be managed by Square.