he called LEVELING that took a while to soak in. Although I didn't experience it personally right away, I did understand the concept. He also talked about how people ACT OUT instead of leveling. I thought at the time that 'acting out' was a euphemism for being childish and over time I began to see the rock-solid results of 'leveling'.

He gave a psychologist from the 70's credit for the term and concept. I've got to admit that I tried to read her books but they are WAY too boring so I just kept working at it on my own.

Although he taught 'about' leveling, he never disclosed HOW to actually DO IT, you know, at the speed of life.

That is the purpose of this discussion today. This sane, understandable, and Stress Reducing concept is waiting for you to partake.

Well, I went to work on my own and began learning to DO IT in my own life and over time helping others to do it in their lives as well.

So, How do I know I need to level? You might ask.

Let's start with basic relationship frustrations and misunderstandings.

If you've ever been taken over by a feeling that caused you to react in an ugly way before you could catch yourself. Maybe there are long-standing arguments that are better 'left alone' because if anyone tries to solve it or discuss it there is going to be a BLOW UP! Hint: In marriages this usually involves Kids, Sex, or Money.

Did you know that there is a sensation in the physical body that will take you directly to the release of stress and tension, usually in a minute or two and often within seconds?

That you can recognize it and communicate correctly…. the Stress and Tension will Drop Away almost instantly, even in situations that have been rotting for 20 years or more.

Remember that feeling of being COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD? Like being with you best friend, isn't it? What if THAT'S how you felt during and after communicating with your coworkers and loved ones?

And talking about loved ones, What if that's how you felt even discussing one of those 'Don't Go There' subjects.

What if Leveling would cause you to experience that the woman you married isn't COMPLETELY horrible or the man you married isn't JUST an Ass!

This strange secret doesn't just work in relationships with others. The improvement in your personal experience can be profound.

When used patiently, a relationship can be COMPLETELY remodeled even if the other person doesn't know what you are doing. But they will thank you for it!

I suppose you expect me to tell you that it's easy..... Well, it's relative really. Please…. Bear with me.

You ever heard the term irreconcilable differences'? It is the cause of most breakups between friends, lovers, marriages, and family members. The thing is, when we understand we 'get along' nicely. When one or a group don't understand we don't 'get along' nicely.

So what happens is that we misunderstand but we forgive until it destroys a friendship. This slow death in a relationship is painful and can last through several generations. (Ever hear of the Hatfields and McCoys?)

The basic model is to Get Along -> Misunderstand -> Argue or Separate -> Forgive -> Get Along -> REPEAT FOR DURATION OF RELATIONSHIP. I gotta tell you, at some point even the kindest among us get sick of forgiving and start resenting. Relating with that person at all can get tedious! Misunderstanding, arguing, separating, and forgiving (AGAIN) just isn’t worth it. Changing relationships might help but it is more likely that it will just continue with different content.

At face value it is obviously that the other person is just stubborn, or worse. (Weirdly, that might be what they think too!) But it’s hard to ignore that sneaky suspicion that maybe we are at least partly involved or even maybe to blame.

It just ‘pops up’ again and again.

THAT, to me, is impossibly difficult and painful. So, is it hard to learn this? Compared to THAT??? Hell no! It's EASY.

It doesn’t take long to realize that in most cases NO ONE is really at fault or to blame. What a relief! Keep at it now and a new loving relationship just might replace the old ‘holding pattern’.

Now think for a moment of one little (or big) disagreement that has become a lifetime thorn in your side. It keeps popping up again and again. Now imagine having to deal with that for eternity! THAT'S what I consider HARD!

Let me take a moment now to make something clear, If you can't relate, you are probably already living by the concepts that this class offers EVEN IT YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT. If that's true then maybe this class isn't for you. But.... what if you are trying to help a loved one to have the great life you have, but don't know what to tell them? Well then, Maybe this class is for you after all! You'll have to decide for yourself that this is something you really want to do.

Also, if you don't mind having the same hassles over and over; If you aren't sick of repeating the same mistakes... Then this isn't for you. It's OK. It isn't for everyone.

If you are the kind of person that is willing to be OK with learning and practicing a new and better way, laugh and observe the results, and keep moving forward, helping others have a better life as well…. then this very likely is for you.

So to answer the question 'Is it hard or easy'....

On one hand, this is hard as hell. Especially in the beginning. Now, learning it is easy, practicing is a bit clumsy and really fun, DOING IT is hard as HELL.... at first. Certainly not as hard and having long-term difficulties.

We have put together a few hours of quick-training to allow you to experience when leveling is needed, how to track, what questions to ask yourself or other person, and how to set yourself up for a new experience that can happen as automatically as the old thing used to happen.

We supply everything you’ll need so you can relax, learn, and practice. Hassle free!

Because this can be done in a small group format you will be able to witness others experiencing relief in ways that you can understand and relate to. Hint: It feels good to offer and receive acceptance in this way.

As soon as you are able to make it work once or twice, it feels SOOOO good. If someone else is involved, they will like it too. You'll want to try it again. After a few days and weeks it will become addicting. You'll want to Keep At It. NOW.... now it's easy!!

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