It's true that the ‘common’ knowledge of hypnosis is that there is a magical event called hypnosis where the hypnotist ‘magically’ helps you change your life.

Frankly, I can see the attraction to something seemingly magical. Most of your life is working fine…… except for a few tiny areas. Weirdly these FEW areas seem to be the cause of MOST of the frustrations, stresses, fears, and self-doubts.

The fact is that there are very sound principles at work that are hidden, seemingly ‘kept secret’ by the misconceptions about hypnosis from the past. I have often been amazed with how quickly people experience enormous relief once the shroud of mystery and mysticism is pulled away and you are able to actually communicate with your mind. I'll talk more about that in a minute.

Think for a minute, have you ever felt a strong desire to move forward on something that you believe would make you happy and yet when you try to go that direction it seems as if something in you is stopping you?

Have you heard yourself saying things like, well, on one hand I'd like to do THIS but on the other hand maybe I should do THIS? Have you noticed that often you do neither? Does it sound like self-sabotage? Maybe it is or maybe your mind needs more direct communication from you.

How much easier would your life be if you could remove this self-sabotage and begin to move forward with clarity?

First, before you can really start dreaming in a real way you kind of have to know that it's actually possible. We have to actually have an idea of what we're doing and recognize how often we've already done it and we learn that by becoming aware of the principles of what makes our life work well.

In a lot of ways hypnosis and programming is about awareness. Awareness of what is working and awareness of what is not working and the principles behind them.

The open-mindedness that is often requested from a hypnotist is really not about hypnosis, it's about being open to new principles. New principles that you will apply to the life that you're already living - in a way that allows your life to work better.

A fairly new science called Neuro - linguistic programming, approximately 50 years old, allows a person to recognize with incredible simplicity the principles that are working in a person's life.

This introductory class will not be a complete introduction to neuro-linguistic programming. What will be demonstrated in this class and taught thoroughly is how the mind codes and how you use neuro-linguistic programming to code it. Once you experience this coding process, an enormous amount of belief in yourself emerges naturally. The relief that comes from this belief in yourself is extraordinary. Is there something in this for you? If so, in class let me know that, you want this.

How does the coding work? Well, I don't have room in this letter to describe that fully, that's the purpose of the class. I will let you know though, there are five simple principles that can be doubled to give a full experience, that with a little bit of enthusiasm you might find a few interesting ways to tweak it to have an even better experience. This isn’t for everyone obviously, but most people can handle 5 simple ‘Control Switches’ to adjust, enhance, and/or transform your life.

We will also talk about hypnosis. Hypnosis, being very much akin to meditation, prayer, visualization, and a few other processes that you've probably studied over the years, most people progress quickly.

What hypnosis really breaks down to for those of us who literally want to look good, feel good, be a good person, and be in control is the basic levels of mind. These levels are based on how fast electricity is snapping and nothing more. BUT….. These levels are where the seeds that cause the results of hypnosis are planted. A sweet spot if you will. If this is something you want, contact us and experience it for yourself.

• During this class we are going to discuss what hypnosis is, and what is programming. Secret: Hypnosis is seldom Programming but Programming is ALWAYS hypnotic.

• What are the levels of mind and how can I recognize them for self-communication?

• What 5 beliefs are always present in spontaneous healing and spontaneous change?

• How does coding work in a way that I can fully understand it?

• A metaphor of driving a car that will make things much more clear not only with NLP programming but for habit change in general. You will love this one.

• Experience the coding of your mind that you choose and notice the immediate sense of understanding and self-control.

• Learn the principles of self-hypnosis.

• Enjoy a fun, relaxing experience of a guided hypnosis session. Experience delight in what your mind is able to produce for you even if it's new to you and you're not good at it yet. The more you do it the more you'll enjoy it.

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